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TWL WiFi Code?


A longstanding question I've had was whether a game like Mario Kart DS could make use of the more advanced hardware of the DSi to allow for connecting to non-WEP access points. Since no NitroWiFi or NitroDWC from the TWL era seem to have ever been leaked, doing this will be considerably more difficult.

A game such as Mario vs. Donkey Kong - Mini Land Mayhem, however, does have these libraries builtin. Notably, its version of DWC is marked as TWLDWC, rather than NitroDWC. NitroWiFi doesn't seem explicitly mentioned, but CPS is, which I think is a good sign. What I'm hoping might be possible is to use the GameSpy SDK to get my foot in, and use that as a springboard to find any differences in NitroWiFi and TWLDWC. It may still be quite a ways out for now, and may never happen in reality. But hopefully someday something can come of it.