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Here, you can find all my projects and such.

Text to Image

Take text and store it inside an image file's pixel data. Use this to encode and decode messages.

Blobs Clock

This clock shows the time behind a layer of colored blobs. Holding the up arrow adds blobs, while holding down removes them. Clicking a blob will reverse its direction.

Flex Environment

This Chrome extension allows you to create "folders" to store your tabs in to be opened later.

Complex Calculator

This complex calculator allows you to perform operations on imaginary numbers.

Rainbow Trails Screensaver

This screensaver shows 4 color-changing trails bouncing off the edges of your screen.


The name is pretty self-explanatory, is it not?

Password Manager

Manage your passwords with this small, simple password managing program. Unlock the passes file with the Unlock button. If no passes file is present when clicked, it prompts you to choose a master password to use for unlocking later, then you'll need to unlock it like normal.


A Minesweeper remake I did.

Base Pi Conversion

A simple tool that can convert numbers between decimal and base pi.


The most practical of OSes that displays a picture of a potato on startup.