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Happy Birthday Post


So I forgot to make a post on my birthday, but I suppose 2 days late isn't that far off. It's my weekend now, so I guess this should work too. Finally 19 now, so this is the last year of my teenage life, as spooky as that sounds. I've still been keeping up with projects the best I can.

NitroPaint has been getting a lot of love lately. It was suggested to me that I try to use a project management software to keep track of things to-do and what's in progress, so I've started trying out Trello for keeping track of it. I think it really helps keep the project feeling at least somewhat organized, and keeps all the things that I have yet to do in one place. As a result of this, I've been working through many features that had been left incomplete or missing for the past couple years. Big things that got overhauled were the various import dialogs, which each gave an incomplete set of options to the user. These have all been fixed to be a bit more organized and complete.

My family also got me this thing called a Thumby. I hadn't heard of them before but it's like a really tiny GameBoy. In the coming days I will be trying my hand at writing programs targeting this and seeing what all I can come up with. I might make a sort of high level library for it to make things a bit easier on myself. I will also want to set up a build environment that is separate from the Arduino IDE since it's a pain to use.