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Since my IS-NITRO-EMULATOR arrived a bit earlier than expected, I had not ordered a GameCube AC adapter for it before, so I had it sitting around unable to be used for a few days. Today that cable finally came, and turns out the unit does indeed work. I had somewhat low expectations considering the listing on Yahoo Auctions said it was junk.

The wireless seems to be working fine as well, though I haven't much tested the debugging functionality of it yet. I can confirm, though, that the debugger on my Windows 10 laptop is able to see that it's there and offers to do a firmware update. I haven't done this yet, as Gericom requested that I dump my firmware to see if it's an unknwon firmware version. Once I do this though I will do a firmware update on it.

There is one glaring problem I've noticed with the unit however. It didn't start until a few minutes while I was using it, but the top screen has some noticeable visual artifacting. Scanlines showing the wrong color, showing them in the wrong place, et cetera. I hope this is a simple fix, at most maybe an issue with the screen itself, but I'm not sure. I know I'm not very good with electronics and am afraid that I'll break the whole thing if I touch it too much. Nothing looks obviously bad inside on my cursory glance at the inside of the controller. I fear that something may be bad inside the box itself, which I seriously hope it isn't.