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NitroPaint Tweaks, Blog Structure Changes?


Today I've been making more incremental changes to NitroPaint, mostly little things I've been putting off that I've been meaning to address. Things like the default NCGR view width for files that don't store that type of information, and making sure that all the BG code is consistent in how it handles color comparisons.

Previously, the NCGR viewer was meant to iterate over factors of the character count to determine the width it would be viewed at. It was supposed to favor square and wide outputs over tall ones, but I had mistakenly gotten it backwards and have been reluctant to get in there and fix. It was just a simple typo all along it seems. I've also added in a condition that if the character count is a multiple of 32, that is the width it would be viewed at. 32 characters width seems a very natural viewing width in a variety of cases. It's the implied width of a 2D mapping mode graphics configuration, and is the exact width of the DS screen, so it makes the most sense, really, to use as a width if possible.

Yesterday I addressed the BG image importer using the wrong color space for testing palette suitability for tiles, but the generator, too, was using the wrong color space. In practice, the actual color space (YUV vs YIQ) doesn't really matter a whole lot, but it's best that the palette generator and the color matching be following the same algorithm, so that they both try to minimize color difference in the same way. This may also lead to me trying to bring back the old color refinement code I ultimately junked from the character map color reduction, since it may have been thrown off by the different color comparisons later on. This is yet to be seen though.

I've also been thinking of tweaking my website structure a little bit. Perhaps to add a form of user feedback on things like the blog posts, since currently there isn't any. It's not purely necessary and could lead to spam, but eventually I may try it out. I'm reluctant to have to create a whole user account system to set this whole thing up, so I may just have anonymous posting with a sort of rate limiting set up. I like to think of the Internet as a place of participation rather than consumption, and would like my own domain to be a place that exemplifies this.