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New Emblem Generator


I finally got to recreating my old Mario Kart DS emblem generator from 2020. Ever since the February 2022 event, the emblem creator has been missing from my site, but now I have recreated the emblem creator in the style of my homepage.

The new editor takes some features from NitroPaint, such as its improved color distance calculations, adaptive error diffusion, and balance settings to adjust the relative importance of each feature.

As it is right now, the new editor does not recreate the old editor's AR code generator. The old editor's AR code generator was not the most optimal, however. It relied on an address in the arena that could be subject to change in ROM hacks, and had to support MelonDS versions that did not support very long AR codes. When I get to recreating the AR code generator, I will want to make it general enough to where it can work not only in the base game, but in ROM hacks as well, and in different regions of the game.

I may still include support for older versions of MelonDS just in case, though it may not be necessary. The one emlator that seems to still have its weird AR code quirks is DeSmuME. When it encounters a code line that writes to relative address 00000000 (even if offset by a previous offset instruction), it will reject the line entirely, requiring that the write be split into two 16-bit writes.