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Homepage is Back Online


I finally decided to put a homepage back on my website, only 9 months after its accidental deletion.

Just a few days before the release of CTGP-Nitro, I decided to look for issue tracker software I could run on my website to keep track of issues since the code, despite being on GitHub, is not public. The file came in an archive named ROOT.war, which I had the unpleasant misfortune of putting into my webapps directory, thus eliminating the entire contents of my ROOT directory. Due to this, my homepage and a few other subpages were wiped from existence. If anything, this was a lesson in backups and carelessness. It was likely for the better, though, that this happened. It gave me a chance to rebuild my website better than before, rather than clinging onto old shoddy code, simply piling fix on top of fix on top of broken code.

In the end, I ended up foregoing the issue tracker software, electing to make notes of bug reports as they came in through various sources such as GBATemp and Discord.