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A barrage of random edits to Mario Kart DS, made by -Hoik
All are made using a PAL rom.
Links with '(PAL)' at the end should work with PAL roms
Links with '(NTSC)' at the end should work with US roms

Total Hack Counts: 30

Most Download links are a google drive line, otherwise its a simple Discord Download
If a patch dosn't work please either say in the shoutbox or message me on discord via the MKDS modding server: @-Hoik#0518

I've been getting complaints about patches not working with region roms (namly US Roms). please refure the the text above

The google Drive with all the patches Google Drive PAL
For American patches that I havent yet tested Go to this google drive

A Read me for infomation about Using my hacks in videos and such

Some hacks may not use xDelta, heres a patcher for newer hacks Patcher Link

Full Gameplay hacks

-Edit more then 2 tracks (Tiny tracks, Backwards)
-Effect the game as a whole (Random Items, All Cogs)

Backwards MKDS
-On the tin, checkpoints have been reversed and added ramps to allow the tracks to be completed.
-CPU, Item and respawn points havenít been edited

backwards MKDS v1.0 (reported 'may not work'

backwards MKDS v1.0

Download Backwards MKDS v0.2 (Euro)

Download Backwards MKDS (US)

Google Translated
-Some of the text files have been run though google translate
-only for English
-Multiplayer havenít been translated, nor has random menu buttons
-Mission Mode has now been edited, 7-1 won't enter the text properly

Download Google Translate v2(Euro)

Download Google Translated v2 (US)

Random Track Manipulation
-When testing the files for all the scaled tracks I did random scales for all the tracks
-Battle tracks may sometimes crash: if you want to look, use shine runners
-texture issues run galore, these wonít be present in other track manipulations
-Cheep Cheep beach may crash the game, I dont remember

Download Random Manipulation (Euro)

Download Random Track Manuplation (US)

All Collision is road
-more tin stuff, all walls, off road, water, invisible out of bounds. All road

Download all KCL road (Euro)

Download All Road (US)

All Road is loop road
-using the loop road collision (found in the loop de loop of rainbow road) allows for some cool angle (edits all road and offroad)

Download RoadLoop (Euro)

Download loop road(US)

Black Smog
- adds heavy black fog, just an interesting challenge, works well as a handicap when playing against bad players.

Download smog

Download Smoke (US)

Super Mario Kart Object
-Makes Piranha Plant, Pipes and Cheep Cheeps now look like how they apear in Super Mario Kart
-Both Green and Orange pipe
-Includes patch that replaces the Shell Cup with all the SNES tracks all scaled by 0.01 in the y direction (for fun)

Download SMK Textures (Euro)

Download SMK Textures (US)

-Allow the vertext lighting overflow
-This can be done with a AR code, but like some people would rather not use a AR code. Who downloads these anyway?

Download Textureless (Euro)

Download Textureless(US)

MKDS but all* objects are cogs
-* by all, I mean most, somethings like Delfeno Squares Bridge cant be removed
-All objects in the game have been replaced with the cogs from tick tock clock (the flat one)
-note: some tracks cant be complated

Download CogKart DS (Euro)

Download All cogs (US)

Tiny Tracks (x0.2)
-All tracks have been scaled down to 5 times thier original size (not battle tracks)
-There are some texture issues, I will keep fixing these with each scaled tracks thing

Download Tiny Tracks (Euro)

Download Tiny Tracks (US)

Tiny Tracks Shadow Drop Fix

Random Items
-All boxes have a near similar chance of giving any item (priority given to more powerful items)
-GP, VS and both battle modes
-Online should work, I just can't test it
-Mission mode HAVE NOT been edited

Download Random Items (Euro)

Download Random Items (US)

Kart Stats Shenanigans
-I've edited the kart stats (yay)
-Egg 1: Highest Stat in all areas
-Dry Bomber: Lowest Stats
-Standard MR: Average Stats
-Gold Mantis: An assortment of the best and worst to try and make the true best
-Brute: random number generator for stats
-All edited karts have unique textures and names so watch out for that

Download Kart Shenanigans (Euro)

Download Kart Shenanigans (US)

All Objects are Item boxes
-Similar to all cogs, but with item boxes
-both a random item and a normal item vers

Download All Item boxes (normal item) (Euro)
Download All Item boxes (random item) (Euro)

Download All Item boxes (normal) (US)
Download All Item boxes (Random) (US)

Model-less MKDS
-No model, only see objects
-I hate this
-Dont play this
-If you do, suffer
-I also dare you to try without the bottom screen

Download Model-less MKDS (Euro)

Download Model-less(US)

Single Item Races
-Based on MK7 item thing for VS and balloon battle
-Only for VS mode and battle mode (in DS)
Download only Mushrooms Item (Euro)
Download only Shell type items (Euro)

Download Only Mushrooms (US)
Download Only Shells(US)

MK64 objects
-Monty Moels, Boos, Moo Moo, Plants, Swoopers and snowmans have MK64 textures
Download MK64 Objects (Euro)

Download MK64 Objects(US)

Wall-less MKDS
-All objects labeled as walls have been disabled
-basicly addes some funky shortcuts
Download Walls-less (Euro)

Download Wall-less(US)

Objectless MKDS
-Yep, I got rid of the objects
-Suffer my wrath
-Don't enjoy

Download Objectless (Euro)

Download Objectkess (US)

Offroad Swap
-Basicly I swap the on and off road around
-Even if there no offroad, its now 100% offroad

Download Offroad Swap (Euro)

Download Offroad Swap (US)

No Item Boxes
-I got rid of items boxes, Have fun try-hards

Download Item Boxes-less (Euro)

Download Item Boxes-less (US)

1 Lap MKDS
-All tracks are now 1 lap (even baby park)
-what more to say?

Download 1 Lap (Euro)

Download 1 Lap (US)

Bouncy MKDS
-It sorta sucks
-its not very good
-the bounce is very minimal
-Its unlike MKWii veriant
-This it legit just the all road Hacks but replaced with bounce

Download Bouncy MKDS

Like Really Fast Cars
-I made the cars on shroom ridge really fast
-there are 4 speeds all go on the muchroom cup (speed in order of the tracks)
-Fig 8: x2
-Yosh: x5
-Cheep Cheep: x10
-Luigi: x15

Download Fasts Cars (US)

Not really the linked video but sorta related

Exploration mod/ Visual KCL
-The visual models are used for the KCL (its all roads 2.0)
-Note: this mod may not work on real hardware due to the KCL file size being too large, please only use on Emulator
-Airship and Rainbow can not be compleated (as in laps), every other track can
-Battle mode isnt done (+who cares about battle mode)

Download Exploration Mod (US)*

Single Tracks Hacks

-A custom track
-Edits one track in terms of looks(texture or model wise)
-Edits one track in terms of gameplay

Bullet Bill Park
-Baby Park now has cannons, good luck
-I don't know why but this is also the v0.1 google translated.

Download Bullet Bill Park (Euro)

Download Bullet Bill Park(US)

Cave Tour (CT)
-Wow a CT, that I dont thing deserves its own page but Im still putting it here
-Goes over SNES Mario 1

Note: for some reason it won't work with a US rom, (not sure about other regions ), so only patch with a PAL rom or message me otherwise

-fixed some wrong objects
-fixed map
-fixed respawn points
-fixed music

Download Cave Tour (Euro)

Download Cave Tour (US)

N64 Choco Moutain 50cc/Time Trial mdoe
-Over N64 Choco Moutain

Download Choco Moutain Fence (Euro)

Download Choo Moutain Fence (US)

SNES rainbow road styled DS Rainbow road
-Over Rainbow Road
-Do you just love thoses squares?
-Only edits the road and loop road texture
Download SNES DS Rainbow road (Euro)

Download SNES DS rainbow road (US)

CT with just objects
-Over SNES mario 1
-Why, cause I can
-Not very good
-there are 2 planes of KCL a starting road and a giant death plane (I think objects dont work if over the void)
Download Object only CT (Euro)

Download Object only CT (US)

WiiU Mario Circuit v0.0.1
-Over SNES Mario 1
-A 'funtionaly'' veriant of WiiU Mario Circuit from Mario Kart 8
-sadly not a mobius strip, but there is a form of antigravity
-nothing is finalized
Download WiiU MC (Euro)

Download WiiU MC (US)

Cool S
-Over SNES Mario 1
- The Coolest of S' is now a track.
-Truly cool
-With the coolest music to fit (Waluigi Pinball)
-Good luck with that jump

Download Cool S (Euro)

Download Cool S (US)

Pastle/Flat MKDS Texture
-Over Figure 8
-you know that minecraft texture pack that made all the texture feel like platic, its like that but not as well done

Download Pastle (Euro)

Download Flat Textures (US)

N64 Styled DS Rainbow Road
-Over Rainbow road
-I mean, it can also be GBA and GCN, but N64 is yaknow, N64

N64 RR DS (Eruo)

N64 RR DS (US)

Among Us Skeld Battle Track
Custom Battle Track

The Among Us Skeld Map (DSHacks 2 Page)
go to the link above for download

SNES Koopa Beach 1
Custom Retro Track

DS Hacks 2 Page

Swag Rock
Custom Track

DS Hacks 2 Page

Last edit by -Hoik on Sat Jul 31 03:07:05 CDT 2021