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Authors - Ermii Kart DS Team
Tracks - Custom Tracks
Battle Arenas - Custom Battle Arenas
Vehicles - Custom Vehicles
Version(s) - Beta 1, Legacy Edition, Beta 2 (in progress)
Predecessor - Mario Kart 0

Ermii Kart DS is a full hack of Mario Kart DS created by the Ermii Kart DS Team. It's goal is to replace all courses, characters and karts with new ones. It also aims to be the successor of Mario Kart Zero.

Download (Legacy Edition & Beta 1): Here

The Ermii Kart Team consists of:

Ermelber (Leader) - Custom Tracks, Characters, Programming, ASM Hacking and Project Management
Yoshidude4 (Co-leader) - Custom Tracks, BGMs/Sound Effects, Graphics and Project Management
Szymbar15 - Missions, Karts, and ASM Hacking
Tomix - Custom Characters, Karts, and Tracks
Stomatol - Custom Characters, and BGMs
Dark Light - Custom Battle Arenas
Gericom - ASM Hacking
Swiftie Luma - Custom Karts, Voices, Graphics and Concept Art

YouTube Playlist of EKDS Content: Here

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